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Mary backs Usdaw Campaign

Mary joined Usdaw activists in the House of Commons on their campaign to persuade the Government to change Universal Credit rules that mean working people will only be allowed to keep 24p in every extra pound they earn.

Shopworkers trade union leader John Hannett believes that the huge 76% claw-back of additional earnings from workers on Universal Credit is unfair and a massive disincentive for people to look for ways to increase their income and work their way off benefits altogether.

Mary said: “Usdaw are right to highlight this problem with the Government’s Universal Credit and I hope Ministers will listen and act before the scheme is fully rolled out. Many working people will be clobbered by this 76% marginal deduction rate for taxpayers on Universal Credit. That will put off claimants from working longer hours and potential second earners from working at all, perpetuating the poverty trap for families on low pay.

Make every second count!

Mary attended Cancer Research UK’s parliamentary event to discover more about the power of research which, every week, saves more than five times as many lives as there are seats in the chamber of the House of Commons.  

This astonishing fact means over 2,800 people will survive cancer every week thanks to research.

[Name] MP said: “It’s a real eye-opener to visualise the number of lives saved in terms of seats in the House of Commons. It is truly inspiring to see what research can achieve.  That’s why I’m backing Cancer Research UK’s campaign to make every moment count in the fight against cancer and I’m encouraging everyone to join me.
Every year around 14,700 people in the North East and more than 330,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to research, survival rates have doubled in the last 40 years. This means that 45 per cent of those people will survive the disease for more than 10 years.*

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Bedroom Tax Cruel and Unfair

The Bedroom Tax is a cruel and unfair policy and the Government should repeal it. If they do not, the Leader of the Opposition has stated that a future Labour Government will do so.

The bedroom tax will hit 660,000 people including over 400,000 disabled people and 60,000 carers. For the vast majority of those affected, there is nowhere similar to move to and the average family affected will lose £720 a year.

I know how seriously the bedroom tax is affecting people in our local community and across the country and that many local authorities and housing associations are being put in impossible situations. There is also a risk that the bedroom tax will cost more than it saves.

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Mary Announces Film The House Nominations

Mary has today announced Robin Fearon as the North Tyneside nomination for Parliamentary competition ‘Film the House’.

Mary said:

North Tyneside has impressive film makers and it is a pleasure to endorse their work to the panel of industry-leading judges who will preside over determining the overall winners. I wish Robin Fearon the best of luck as the competition progresses!”


Police are urging people to be on their guard for fraudsters after a telephone scam in Berwick, Northumberland. 

On two occasions - one on Tuesday, March 25, and a second the following day - the caller has told the victims that he was from their bank, he was blocking an unauthorised bank transaction and advised the callers to ring him back to confirm the legitimacy of the phone call. 

However, the offender has stayed on the line as the victim dialled the number, and as a result they have transferred money to what they thought was their bank, when in reality it was a fraudster. 

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Opening of Wallsend Customer First  Centre

It was a real honour to be invited to open North Tyneside’s third Customer First Centre, as I feel it is important for our town.

It is now 20 years since the last Tory Government closed Swan Hunters Shipyard, this was a massive blow to the economy of our Wallsend, because as we know, people who are out of work, don't have money to spend.

Over the last few years, like so many other areas, our region has suffered as a result of the World-wide recession and, although the recovery is beginning, we know that households across the country are still hit, with prices continuing to grow faster than wages.

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Healthy Eyes

“I was really pleased to visit J A Hicks and learn about the importance of an eye test, not only to maintain healthy eyesight, but also to detect other possible health issues.  This Optometrist is a well established business in North Shields and during my visit I saw first-hand how the staff there provide a great service to local people.  I will definitely promote the importance of eye testing whenever I can”.

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