Million Plus

he UK’s creative industries are worth a whopping £84 billion and sustain nearly three million jobs but nurturing and teaching creativity throughout education would sustain and increase this success," according to North Tyneside MP, Mary Glindon.

Mary added: "I attended an event organised by MillionPlus, the Association for Modern Universities, and learnt how creative industries are a vital economic lifeline. Now we have decided to leave the EU, we must do much more to protect and promote our home-grown ingenuity to pay our bills and underpin a just society."

A Commons debate also highlighted the need to teach and value creative subjects as part of a rounded curriculum, and maintain the flow of students to universities or face a damaging deficit of skilled graduates.Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2016

General Statement Friday 1 July 2016    

I am very disappointed that as a result of the EU referendum the UK will be leaving the European Union.  However, it is important that all the political parties now work together with the Government to ensure the best possible deal for our country and I will be doing everything I can to get the best deal for our region and North Tyneside under a future agreement.   

With regard to the state of the Labour Party, I am neither a Blairite nor a Corbynite.  I did not vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be Leader of our party, but I have respected the mandate he was given and been loyal to him over the past 10 months.  Our party is now deeply divided and I therefore support a Leadership challenge to resolve the situation and will again respect the mandate of the party in choosing our next Leader.   

I would like to put on record, I did not resign as PPS to the former Shadow Secretary of State for Transport.  That post came to an end when Lilian Greenwood resigned. 



Mary pictured with her constituent, Amy Hart, who through the Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2016 shadowed Mary for the afternoon recently.

Amy is part of a team of 9 apprentices based in HMRC's Digital Delivery Centre. They entered the Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2016 in February and since then have been engaging with the community's young people, businesses and community groups to promote apprenticeships. They have conducted presentations in numerous schools, to children of all ages, as well as hosted business breakfast events with local employers to encourage them to consider recruiting apprentices. They also worked with a local Scout group to deliver Digital badges to over 60 of their young members.

They were successful in reaching the National Finals due to their hard work in the Regional Heats. Now, in the final part of the competition, they were required to engage with MPs to continue spreading the message about the importance of apprentices in our community.

Mary Casts Her Vote

Mary in Parliament casting her vote for the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation, Charity Choices Campaign, which is giving away £1,000 to three local charities. The amount of money donated will be determined by how many votes they receive over a two-week period with £500 for first place, £300 for second and £200 for third.

Please show your support for the three local charities, which are:-

Linskill Community Development Trust (@LinskillCentre)


The Chronicle Sunshine Fund (@EveningChron)

Sepsis Awareness

Mary attended a Parliamentary event to raise awareness of Sepsis. A life threatening and relatively unknown condition, which claims the lives of 44,000 people – including 1,000 children - every year in the UK.  The event hosted by the APPG on Sepsis and the UK Sepsis Trust was attend by over 40 MPs and Peers, along with a number of patients and their families who have been personally affected by sepsis. 

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that can affect anyone. Young and old, fit and healthy. It arises when the body's response to an infection damages its own tissues and organs. It can lead to shock, multiple organ failure, and death, especially if it is not recognised early and treated promptly.

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Mary backs charity’s Seriously Awkward campaign to protect older teens from sexual exploitation

Last week I attended a parliamentary event on The Children’s Society’s Seriously Awkward campaign, aimed at securing better support for 16 and 17 year olds facing sexual exploitation, mental health problems, poverty and neglect.

The event provided an opportunity to hear from practitioners directly working to protect children and young people at risk of sexual exploitation and learn more about The Children’s Society’s work on the Policing and Crime Bill.  

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On Monday 11 April, Mary was one of nearly 100 MPs who attended an event organised by The National Autistic Society who recently launched their Too Much Information campaign. Mary is backing the charity’s new campaign to improve public understanding of autism.

As part of the campaign, the charity has released a report (Too Much Information: why the public needs to understand autism better) which revealed how poor public understanding of autism is pushing autistic people and their families into isolation.

According to a survey of over 7,000 autistic people, their families and friends, and professionals:

  • 87% of families say people stare and 74% say people tut or make disapproving noises about behaviour associated with their child’s autism
  • 84% of autistic people say people judge them as strange
  • 79% of autistic people and 70% of family members feel socially isolated
  • 50% of both autistic people and family members sometimes or often don’t go out because they’re worried about how people will react to their autism

This is why the National Autistic Society is calling on the public to find out more about autism so they can respond to autistic people with more understanding.

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From next Monday (18th April) community groups across England, Wales and Scotland will be invited to submit applications for the second round of Tesco's Bags of Help grant programme.  Community groups will be eligible to apply for up to £12,000 to improve local open spaces.

The grants programme is managed by Groundwork and funded by Tesco customers from the proceeds of the 5p charge for plastic carrier bags as a result of a government carrier bag levy.  Projects that will get the green light as a result of the funding will include new pocket parks, sports facilities, woodland walks and community gardens.

Applications will be shortlisted with three projects in each Tesco region moving forward to a Tesco in store customer vote and will receive grants of either £8,000, £10,000 or £12,000.

We are encouraging partners to make the most of this opportunity. Please consider applying or pass this email on to colleagues, groups or individuals who may want to apply. 

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Young Homeless Parliament

Five young homeless people from North Tyneside travelled down to London on March 15th to take part in the Youth Homeless Parliament (YHP).   The YHP is made up of 100 young people aged 16-25 from across England and the young people involved are supported by Depaul UK.

The Young People met to lobby the Government on the freezing of Local Housing Allowance, affordable housing, rogue landlords, quality apprenticeships and the removal of housing benefit for those under the age of 21.

Whilst in Parliament, Mary gave the young people a tour of Parliament and took them for lunch.  One young person said that after meeting Mary and receiving a tour of Parliament that it was “the best day of my life”.

Joe Kirwin from Depaul UK said “We would like to say a huge thank you to Mary for meeting with the young people, listening to their concerns, and giving us a tour of Parliament. I know for many of them it was truly a life changing experience.”


Constituents have recently contacted me via a postcard campaign in respect of Beer Duty.  As the postcards did not contain addresses, please see below a copy of the reply which I received from the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, after raising this issue with him.

Read the letter.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

You cannot smell it, taste it or see it but Carbon Monoxide (CO) can kill in an instant or more slowly. Symptoms are often like a flu or cold, which makes it difficult to diagnose.

It is produced by faulty or badly ventilated boilers, cookers, or open fires. It can build up when flues, chimneys or vents are blocked. Lit barbeques can emit carbon monoxide, as can apparently extinguished embers.

Millions are at risk from this silent killer and nearly one person a week dies with about four thousand people having to be hospitalised with non-fatal health problems ranging from headaches and drowsiness to lasting brain and nervous system damage.

Young children and elderly people are particularly at risk from carbon poisoning because their bodies are less able to withstand the effects.
Pregnant women should are putting their unborn child at risk.

The only way for people to protect themselves is by installing an audible alarm. And it is wise to have your boiler regularly serviced by a registered and qualified engineer. But nearly half of us do not have an audible alarm and have not had our gas boiler serviced in the last year.

CO alarms are available at supermarkets, DIY stores high street shops or directly from energy suppliers.

Mary Supports World Cancer Day

Mary attended an event in Parliament yesterday (Wednesday 3 February) to show her support for World Cancer Day today (February 4, 2016).

[MP] met with representatives from four of the UK’s leading cancer charities who are working together to unite the nation and help transform the lives of millions of people who are affected by cancer.

Cancer Research UK, Breast Cancer CareAnthony Nolan and the Movember Foundation are calling on people across North Tyneside to show their support by wearing a Unity Band with pride today (February 4).

The Unity Band is made of two parts, knotted together, to represent strength in unity and the power of what can be achieved when people come together.

The Unity Bands are available from each charity in their own colours at for a suggested donation of £2.  All money raised from the Unity Bands will go towards the charities’ individual research projects and support services.

One in two people born in the UK will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime.

Mary said: “Today (February 4) is World Cancer Day and I’m calling on people in North Tyneside to join me by wearing a Unity Band, making a donation or spreading the word on social media.

“Whether you want to celebrate people who have overcome cancer, show solidarity to those going through treatment or remember loved ones – World Cancer Day is a chance to get involved and help reduce the impact of cancer on future generations.”

Collectively the four charities support millions of people every year through their individual work in the prevention, detection, treatment and support of those affected by cancer.

Money raised from the Unity Bands will fund breakthroughs in scientific research; save and improve the lives of people with blood cancers; provide high quality care, support and information for people with breast cancer, and fund research and support services to tackle prostate and testicular cancer.

By joining together this World Cancer Day, they aim to show that a small action taken by many will transform our future.
For more information, to get any of the charities’ Unity Bands or make a donation visit


Award for Forward Assist

(Pictured left to right, Norma Redfearn, Tony Wright, Gary Bell, Colin Hutchinson, Jason Groves, Mary Glindon and Helen Lam)

In November last year, the North Tyneside Veteran Support Charity, Forward Assist, were one of the winners of the Social Justice Awards.

Last week Mary attended the presentation ceremony at the Quadrant, when they were presented with a cheque for £10,000 from Marsh Global.  Mary met with Jason Groves and Helen Lam from Marsh Global and Tony Wright and Colin Hutchinson from Forward Assist.

Mary said “this winning charity, which is based in my constituency, provides crucial help and practical assistance, to support veterans in making that difficult transition and I am proud that the Charity’s work is being recognised”.

Further Information about Forward Assist.

Forward Assist Veteran Support Charity provides advice, information and guidance, ‘life changing’ projects and opportunities to former servicemen and women who are experiencing difficulties in adjusting to a new life as a civilian. Forward Assist’s programmes are particularly relevant for former servicemen and women who are experiencing homelessness or housing problems, are incarcerated in Prison or have involvement with the Criminal Justice System.

Many former forces personnel have alcohol and drug dependency issues and have difficulty accessing support in relation to mental health and/ or post-traumatic stress disorder. A large percentage of our referrals & group membership is disenfranchised from mainstream services and lack family support. They choose to not access existing services or are deemed inappropriate for existing provision. Often this is because of a lack of understanding in the civilian community of the Armed forces culture, individual behaviour and mannerisms or simply that they display multiple complex needs that overwhelm individual service deliverers. Forward Assist staff and volunteers seek out and ‘plug in’ colleagues to sympathetic and appropriate services.

The Independent Living Fund (ILF)
The ILF provides financial support to people living with disabilities. The recipients of ILF are often said to be some of the most severely disabled people in the UK.

In March 2014 the Coalition Government announced it would close the ILF to new applicants on 30 June 2015. From 1 July 2015 responsibility for supporting ILF users in England passed to local authorities.  The amount of money set aside for the ILF was reduced and, more importantly, does not have to be ring-fenced. I have been working with my constituent, Mary Laver, campaigning against this issue.

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Despite being 68 years old, disabled by Rheumatoid Arthritis that has left her totally human and wheelchair dependent, her motto is ‘Life without Limits’ and has participated in many local and national events. Recently Mary was successful with her application to become a volunteer for the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 and is trying to raise sponsorship to fund this project. 

Please follow this link for further information.

Television presenter Carrie Grant and Mary joined forces with Crohn’s and Colitis UK to empower people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

On Wednesday 4 November Crohn’s and Colitis UK were supported by television presenter Carrie Grant and Mary, at the parliamentary launch of their new patient resource ‘My Crohn’s and Colitis Care’, a patient guide to the top 10 essentials of a good Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) health service¹. Currently 1 in 4 IBD services can’t see all urgent referrals within 4 weeks and this guide is designed to empower people with IBD to get the best from their local health service by working in partnership with their healthcare team.
There are at least 300,000² people in the UK living with Crohn’s or Colitis, the two main forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). These chronic conditions can cause ulceration and inflammation in the colon (Ulcerative Colitis) or any part of the digestive system (Crohn’s Disease).³

Crohn’s and Colitis UK held a special event in the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 4 November to launch ‘My Crohn’s and Colitis Care’. The event was hosted by MPs Andrew Percy and Martin Vickers who helped to raise awareness of these debilitating conditions and highlighted the need for better healthcare provisions for all of those living with IBD across the UK.

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Wallsend firm SMD urges Prime Minister David Cameron to intervene to save jobs

Staff at North Tyneside firm SMD urge Prime Minister David Cameron to protect jobs with up to 80 set to go.

David Cameron has been asked personally to intervene and save jobs threatened with redundancy at North Tyneside firm Soil Machine Dynamics Limited.

Up to 80 staff at the Wallsend-based firm face redundancy because the company has been forced to suspend its largest order to date, after being denied an export licence in the wake of EU sanctions against Russia.

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Parkinson’s is a brain condition which can leave people struggling to walk, speak and sleep affecting one in 500 people in North Tyneside, according to its MP Mary Glindon.

Mary Glindon, who attended an event in Parliament to highlight the disease, said: 'We heard how people can suffer many symptoms including insomnia, depression, and hallucinations and that it robs people of their independence. But the Parkinson's charity makes a persuasive case that through more research, improved services, and empowering people with Parkinson’s to take control can turn lives around.'

The North Tyneside MP met Parkinson’s UK president and actress Jane Asher, and people affected by Parkinson’s including Paul McCourt, who has had Parkinson’s for five years and said he ‘crumbled’ when he first heard his diagnosis.

Parkinson’s UK wants to see quality services as standard for the
127,000 people like Paul with Parkinson’s in the UK. They also want people with Parkinson’s to feel empowered to take control of their lives, and to take part in clinical trials in their local area to help find better treatments and a cure in years not decades.

Parkinson’s UK Chief Executive Steve Ford said: 'It’s brilliant Mary Glindon has signed up to help us bring forward the day when no-one fears Parkinson’s. With their support, together we can turn around the lives of people with Parkinson’s.'

For advice, information and support, visit or call our free, confidential helpline on 0808 800 0303.

About Parkinson’s UK

Staff at Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) based in my constituency are facing up to 80 redundancies this Christmas after the company was forced to suspend its largest order to date, as a result of it being denied an export licence in the wake of EU sanctions against Russia.

I am in regular touch with both the management and the workforce and I have contacted the Minister’s office and asked for an urgent meeting in respect of this matter.

My constituent, and a staff member at SMD, has filed a Government e-petition calling on the Export Control Organisation to reconsider this Export Licence decision, and asks if people would like to add their name.

Please follow this link:-



  • Mary Glindon MP passed on Christmas greetings to postmen and women at the North Tyneside Delivery Office
  • Christmas is Royal Mail’s busiest time of the year. Ms Glindon saw the hard work and dedication of local postal workers who  sort and deliver festive mail
  • The last recommended posting dates for Christmas are:  Second Class – Saturday  19 December 2015, First Class- Monday 21 December 2015 and Special Delivery -  Wednesday 23 December

Mary Glindon MP has visited Royal Mail’s North Tyneside Delivery Office to pass on Christmas wishes and encouragement to postmen and women at their busiest time of year.

Ms Glindon was shown around the office by Delivery Office Manager, Keith Jobling, and was introduced to the postmen and women who are working hard sorting and delivering mail in the North Tyneside area during the Festive season.

Mary Glindon MP, said: “There is a huge amount of effort and dedication that goes into delivering a first class Christmas at Royal Mail’s busiest time of year. It was great to meet the team here at North Tyneside.

“Our postal workers do such an important job at this time of year and I would like to thank them for their efforts and wish them all the best over the busy festive period.”

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