The Speaker of the Commons has done a great deal to make sure that parliament holds ministers to account and to bring it closer to young people.

He got into hot water the other week when he made it clear that he did not think President Trump should address parliament when he comes to the UK.

The Speaker spoke for many MPs and indeed Americans in highlighting sexism and racism as well as the need to uphold America's rule of law.
This had been exposed by the cack-handed and sudden imposition of a ban on migrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, including strong allies of America.

I don't dispute that America should protect its borders and there are what Trump calls bad dudes who wish it harm. But the vetting process was already strict and takes years for many to receive entry rights.

But slamming the door on people who had already been vetted and had visas and green cards was cruel and needless. I am glad the American courts have suspended the ban and hope that common sense will prevail.

Speaker Bercow either jumped the gun or fired a warning shot, according to taste. It wasn't clear that Trump intended to address parliament and will not do so now.

Even if you think he overstepped the mark on this, his record is excellent and he should stay in the post. I hope that it will be seen as a storm in a tea cup when Parliament returns.

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